Online Therapy

Personal therapy is also available online, from around the world.


Technology allows new opportunities for counselling and psychotherapy. While online therapy may not be suitable for everyone, many people feel that technology allows counselling or psychotherapy sessions that would not be possible otherwise.

I provide online therapy, in English as well as in Polish, to clients living in the UK and throughout the world.

When might online counselling be beneficial?

There are many reasons why people choose online therapy. Perhaps you live in a country where therapy in your preferred language is not available, or you prefer appointments from the privacy of your own home. 

Online sessions may be invaluable to people who are disabled or housebound, allowing access to counselling and psychotherapy without the need for travel.

How do online counselling appointments work?

It is important to be aware that the use of third party online services and holding counselling sessions outside a controlled space may have implications for confidentiality.

Your online counselling sessions will be held weekly, by appointment. At the time of booking your Zoom consultation I will provide you with the Zoom link. Your online sessions will be delivered in a private, secure room maintaining the same standards of privacy and confidentiality as in personal face to face therapy. 

Online therapy requires a reliable internet connection as well as a private, quiet room in which to meet with your therapist online.


What kind of issues can be addressed with online counselling?

I have provided both short and long-term online counselling in English as well as in Polish to clients around the world. The most common issues I have worked with as an online therapist are: stress and anxiety problems, depression, relationship issues, career and work-related problems, problems coping with difficult transitions, loneliness, self-confidence issues, family issues and many others.

I am a member of professional regulating bodies in the UK and am experienced in providing personal therapy online. If you are interested in counselling via the internet, please get in touch and  I will explain how I might support you. 


If you would like to find out more about online therapy, please get in touch. To book your first online therapy appointment, please use the online booking service or contact me via telephone or email.