Counselling for couples 


All relationships face challenges. Couples counselling provides you and your parter with a safe, confidential and empathic service to facilitate both of you in exploring and progressing your relationship. My aim is to help you recognise how challenges and conflict in your relationship can indicate the potential for personal growth.

My focus is on helping you recognise how challenges and conflict in relationship can indicate the potential for personal growth.

How might couples therapy help?


There are many reasons why couples decide to come to couples counselling. Couples therapy can be useful for couples who are experiencing: 

  • Misunderstandings and repeating arguments
  • Feelings of resentment, anger and anxiety
  • Mistrust
  • Tensions resulting from differences (different opinions, values, preferences, priorities and ways of being)
  • Loss of connection
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Infidelity

Couples therapy can help you recognise and gain greater awareness of the communication, behavioural, sexual and emotional dynamics that might exist between you and your partner.  

For couples in a satisfactory relationship, couples counselling can help to keep you on track and provide you with greater understanding and fulfilment. Some couples come  to therapy as they have been facing serious long-term difficulties. Couples therapy can provide support for couples who wish to separate, or help those who can’t decide which way to go to find clarity.

I also support individuals who are struggling with relationships and want to build better personal relationships in the future. 


What to expect from couples therapy in London

Your first appointment will provide an opportunity for you and your partner to discuss any issues or challenges within your relationship, identify any goals for therapy and begin a dialogue. People often have questions about how couples counselling might help them and we will dedicate some time to address any concerns you may have about therapy at this first meeting.

Therapy is a very private and personal experience. All discussions with your therapist are handled sensitively and are always confidential.

 Getting started 

I provide couples counselling, marriage guidance counselling and professional relationship therapy at my practice in East London (E11) as well as in West London (W5).  For couples, before we agree to meet I will ask each partner to complete and return a copy of my Questionnaire, which will help me to understand your current circumstances. If appropriate, we I then arrange an initial appointment with you. If you’re an individual seeking counselling, there’s no need to complete the questionnaire. Call on: 07928447130 or email Alternatively you can complete my online enquiry form. 


You might have other questions about how couples counselling might work. If you are having relationship problems and would like to explore how relationship therapy might help, please get in touch to make a first appointment.